How popular you are?

Everyone want to be popular, almost everyone. There is very few people which can be counted in one’s finger who doesn’t like to be popular. To be popular is an inner desire of every human being. Being popular means love by, respected by and wanted by others. We as a human being crave for love, respect and feeling important. Our all these egos are satisfied when we are popular. At least we think so.

Today, in this age of high speed internet it is very easy to be popular. You can be a Youtube Star, e-book writer, or a website owner. Not everyone does this will be popular but there is a chance for everyone to try. There is enough opportunity, space for all to show their talent and skill.

Apart from the internet we have our own life and its ups and down. It is this life in which we crave for love and attention. We want to be loved and wanted by all. But many people can’t find the way through. They feel dissolute and lonely. No body likes them and people don’t want to be with them. They have no friend and they are depressed for that. The main reason may be different for this situation but the solution are same. Yes, there are solution of this and it is not very difficult. Otherwise, I have seen many people destroy their life because of not liked by many. They live a depressed life and often tend to fall into bad habits of drinking and smoking.

I have found that there is only two method by practicing which you could become a very popular person and likd by all. They are…

1) Open your heart to all:

Love all beings qith your heart. Don’t try to show love from external and bleed from within. Practice to love all intentionally without any hope of return or profit. When you love an other being without any expectation they will feel it and return the favour. Be a genuine lover of all living creature. It will be difficult at first but it will become your personality.


2) Remember names. Name is an extremely important thing for humans. When my friends or collegues don’t call me by my name or I feel that they forgot my name then I feel that they are ignoring me. They are not showing enough respect for me and they don’t like me. That’s also the case with other people when you can’t remember your name. It is very important to remember names. If you remember the names of every person you meet then sooner you would be a very popular person.


With this I end today’s blog. Don’t hesitate to post any comment and suggestions.

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