How does it feels to be a worker for three years of updating NRC, Assam

We should be proud of, everyone says and we really are proud of being the part of it, the updating process of National Register of Citizens (NRC), Assam. Because it is a work for the whole Assamese community, the Indian government, and the honorable Supreme Court. We are proud that we are contributing our three valuable years for the purpose of NRC update process.


We have been working hard even in holidays and even on Sundays. What do we get in return? A rupee or two per day! Look at the rate of the remuneration for doing such a hard work. We have to forget about our personal life, the family, and the vacation. The Boss always hangs a sharp knife on the edge of the neck. If you do something other than I ordered you will lose your Government job or may go to jail. Why should we do such a hard work? For the nation? What is the nation doing in turn? Not making a clear-cut strategy to depot the foreigners from Bangladesh. Rather they want to bring crores of Bangladeshi to settle in Assam. Only a word I missed in the previous line, ‘The Hindu’.


What is the matter that we stumbled our heads on the table to solve the ambiguous documents, almost invincible forged documents and the ever running, vanishing case of ‘D’ voters, the case pending and Declared foreigners? When will our govt make treaties with Bangladesh? With 56 inches of the chest of our Honorable Prime Minister, we are still so timid that we don’t have the courage to talk straightforwardly with Hasina govt.


India is not a communal nation, but a democratic one with equal right for every religion. But, if the Hindu Bangladeshi’s are allowed to stay in India, Assam then the NRC would become irrelevant. And with the notion of our constitution, we should allow everyone irrespective of their caste creed and religion to stay in Assam, India without any permit, visa or passport. My God, India is becoming a free country a true global brotherhood and statehood. Lord bless India.

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