How can we progress as a nation if we can’t stop rape of infant and minors? It is a shame for such a culturally and morally rich country, India.

Advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat who has taken the Kathua rape case fears of her safety. Even the bar members ostracized her and called names. But she is firm and determined to continue to fight for justice. As she loves her job and wants to fight for justice no matter what. The government should protect her and provide security of life and property. How can she be alienated when an editor with Personal Security Officers Shujaat Bukhari can be shot to death?


She is a braveheart and true heroine of our country. We should be Human before we are Hindu, Muslim, and Nationalists. Even the wild beasts don’t do such horrendous work of raping and killing an infant of 8 years old. It is time for us to think why such things are happening in our country? Women from infant to old are not safe even in their homes and school. They have to live the life with the fear of being raped anytime. where are we heading towards as a Nation?


Sikkim is the number one peaceful State of India. It disheartened me when I read in a newspaper that a girl was molested and raped several times by her father. Father and mother are the main protectors of their children. So, if they are not safe even with them then it is the time to give a serious thought about it.


Moral education is the need of the hour to curb out these rapes and murders. Believe in God and the principle of morality should be the main principle of our life. Sex drive should be pursued after marriage and before marriage and illegible sex should be condemned and made a punishable offense.

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