How a book changed my life


Yes, dear friend you heard it right. A book can change a person`s life. Take the example of mine.  I was a boy of shattered hope and drowned with depression. So much so that I often lose control over my thought and become wild. It was a mountain of an obstacle for me.



What is it?


Actually not many years ago I realized that I was suffering from OCD (Obsessive Cumulative Disorder). In my case, I am inclined to lose in thoughts. A thought continuously comes to your mind, you cannot come out from that thought. A situation becomes grim and awes when you cannot able to concentrate on your study, eating, sleeping even breathing. The particular thought pierces you again and again which you can`t drive away. I was shattered and asked help from my parents to consult a doctor. But they did not understand my condition and thought that the hormonal change in the youth has caused that unconventional behavior.



I went to college with these monstrous thoughts crawling through my mind all the time.  I could not sleep at night. I shivered in winter, sweated in summer but it followed and haunted me everywhere. My self-confidence became nil and I was afraid to face the life.



How did I recover?

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Then I got the book and things began to change. Not in an instant though but gradually. And the book which changed my life is “Stop worrying and start living”, by Dale Carnegie. I was inclined towards books from my childhood. But this book really became part of my life. I read it again and again. It becomes my Gita, Bible, Quran, Tripitaka, you name it. It changed my life from depressed and doomed to a wonderful, happy life. Though I am not very much famous or wealthy, I am happy with my inner self and positive in my attitude.



Some of the awesome books to read:

The Power of positive thinking

Think and grow rich

Rich dad poor dad

The Alchemist. etc.

These books can give you a new way and view of life. These are a must-read for everyone.


With these words, I sum up for today. Please do comment if you find it interesting in any way. See you soon.



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