God is everywhere: but why can’t we see him?

It is the question we ask from our childhood, it is the question which comes to the mind of every individual from the child to the old. The question is this. If God exists then where is he? Why we can’t see him? Why he has not distributed everything equally and made a perfect harmony in his creation?

According to the Hindu philosophy, the soul doesn’t die, the body does. So, the soul reincarnates in a new body through birth. Therefore, the soul is immortal. And there are places like heaven and hell. We have to pay the price of our good and bad deeds in heaven or hell. And it is believed that God is everywhere with every one of us. Then why he doesn’t help us in our need? Because God has created us by giving everything within us. We can get the required energy, intellect from within us.

If it is true that God is everywhere then why can’t we see him? Why is he hiding from us? This is because he simply wants to play ‘hide and seek’ with us. And when by doing a great amount of prayer and devotion towards him he will be visible to us and give us whatever we want. I was just joking! We pray, believe in God and do our duty. Lord  Krishna in Mahabharata, the Kurukshetra war told Arjuna that the human has to do their work and leave everything in the hand of God. That means no worry, the worry is left to God.  We see the Sun and afraid its fury i.e. heat and energy. We no longer pray it because we have seen it and its fury. Likewise, if we see God in his original state then we will be shocked, afraid and terrified by his power, vigor and vivid nature. We will be so afraid that we will forget to love and pray to him.


God has given the humans the power to love. The word love itself is everything in describing this world and God. God wants to love him, his creation and each other. Because the hatred and anger destroy everything in this world. Therefore, if we can see God then we will forget to love him and pray with love. But we will start to worship out of afraid.


And God has provided us the path of love. The love for God, his creations, and the fellow human beings. Therefore, we can feel God like the air, the heat and the cold.

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