Follow your passion to suceed in life

Life is full of opportunity and chances to achieve what you want. You have to know what you want and when you want. That’s it. But there is a twist in this simple sentence. We often really don’t know or confuse what we want. We think that we want this and that but in reality we have never listen to our heart and inner self. Rather we try to fulfil our shallow thoughts which are not desired by us in reality.

Therefore, we fail to achieve those things in life. And actually if we think from our heart then we find that it actually doesn’t matter. Because we really don’t care for them. So, it is very clear that listen to your heart carefully. Listen what it really wants to achieve. Then go for it with all your effort and wholeheartedly. Sooner or later success will be yours.


I often thought that I want to be a Youtuber and an actor. I tried both but failed vehemently. Later on I realised that I am camera shy, my dialogues are not clear and much more negative things. I could have definitely cleared those faults with hard work but I didn’t. There is only a reason for this. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. It didn’t came out from my heart. So I thought that there is no need of doing things just because you will have money or fame. It is more important to follow your heart and real dream.

Suppose, I like reading and writing. I can start a blog, write a book, articles for online and offline magazines etc. to earn. In the meanwhile doing what I like I may be able to earn a lot and become famous. It really a matter of realizing your true self and time. I have seen many bloggers became influencers and writers. I often watch “Mumbiker Nikhil, and One world One ride, Gaur Gopal Das” and many more Youtube channels. They all are tremendous influencing channels and they are star in their fields.


Therefore, take enough time to find your true passion. And when you are able to find your passion then go for it with leaps and bounds. Never look back again. Remember that success is different for different people and no people are same. There is no specific time to begin and end or retirement. Wish you a grand success in your life.

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