Dear Women, leave your arrogance or you have to pay the price

Women are the greatest enemy of women. Especially when they are the mother in law and daughter in law. These two creatures are the product of devil if they are not equally nice, respecting each other. In my instance, yes this my true story which I am going to tell you today. In my instance it is my Own mother who is very very arrogant. She can’t take easy on my wife, actually she can’t love any of the human being in the world. She loves Only money. If you give her money then she will be very nice to you. She has this never ending urge for money.

Dear mother, you just love to insult and keep people at your feet. In the other sense you love when people bows down to you everytime you pass by. Otherwise, you don’t let your feet back even if you are hurting your own son. Why? Simply because he loves his wife, he loves to read, write, to keep busy doing what he love. You ditched me simply because I got married. Your daughter-in-law loves you. She wanted to be with you with peace and harmony but what did you have done?. You tortured her physically and mentally. You are so jealous to her that you even tried to kill your own son to take revenge on her. You have not think once before adding some dangerous mixer in my tea.


I know dear mother that you are supposed to rescue, guard your children from every possible threats. But have you thought what you have become? You have become a monster which is only meant for destruction.


I have nothing to say to you. I will always respect you and be with you whenever you are in trouble, Mother. But one thing is for sure that you have lost my true love forever.


To all my dear friends, I have shared this to tell you that nowadays you can’t even believe others, even if it is your own mother. This is the sad reality for me. What about you? Did your parents ditch you somehow?

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