Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, and its impact in Assam

Citizenship (Amendment) bill, 2016

Citizenship (Amendment) bill, 2016

Assam is a beautiful land with big rivers and hills. Its terrain is uneven and fertile. Assam is a land of forests and animals. But its beauty and abundance waves many outsiders to come to it and live here. Alas, they most are illigal foreigners than travellers.

Bangladeshi nationals both Hindu and Muslims come illigally to this land and begins to stay here, vote and becomes a citizen. For that reason many strikes and protests are being held in the state from time to time. But there is no impact whatso over upon it. Illigal migrants continues to come in and get out of the state, fencing the border seemed sn impossible task.

National Register of Citizens (NRC) updation is going on in Assam from 2015. It is almost half past 2018 but it is still not finished. Many state and other elements are against the NRC updation process as they are not helping the Govt of Assam by checking the documents provided to them. And the base year of this NRC updation is 24 December, 1971.

Now Assam is again sitting on a ball of fire. Because of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 is aimed to give citizenship tothe Hindu Bangladeshi nationals who came to Assam till 31 March, 2014. Therefore the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) has came to Assam.

But the Assamese people is protesting this act vehemently. No Assamese people want to give citizenship to any foreign nationals whether Hindu or Muslim. They are secular people and not believe in religious bias and racism. If the act is tried to enact forcefully then the situation and law and order will deteriorate. The young generation may be encouraged to join terrorist groups like ULFA. There will be widespread protests, bandhs and strikes.

Therefore, center and state government should think and analyse numerous times and properly before enacting any unwanted law in Assam.

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