Check NRC results, 2018, Assam: The final draft NRC here

On 30th July 2018, the final consolidated draft is declared. As I have been working in the NRC updating process since 2015, I am sure that the hard work, persistence, and intellect of thousands of Indian will create history and be fruitful in curbing out the illegal immigrants from foreign nations, especially from Bangladesh. For smooth conduction of the process of declaring NRC results additional security forces have been deployed and the administration and police are monitoring every possible mishap.

Check NRC results here:

There are three ways to check NRC results. The results will be available from 30 July, 10 am to 4 pm in the respective NSKs (National Seva Kendras). The applicant will be able to check NRC results from 30th July to 28th September 2018, in the Nsk.

Secondly, you can check NRC results through online websites. The government has opened 4 websites for this purpose.

Websites to Check Final Draft NRC result:


The third to check NRC result is through automatic SMS. This facility will be given from 12 am 30th July. But to avail the automatic SMS to check NRC result you have to register your mobile number prior to 30th July. The mobile numbers to register the automatic results are 78994-05444, 70263-21133, 70268-61122 and 97655-56555. The registration will be active till 6 pm, 29 July.

To register to send SMS by typing (ARN No space mobile number) send to the above numbers.

You can also get results through general SMS after 12 am 30th July. To get results through SMS you have to write (ARN No space ARN No) to the above-mentioned numbers.


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