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Hima Das, The new Indian sensation and beyond.

Hima Das, the girl from Dhing, Nagaon, Assam is the new sports heartthrob of India. Why wouldn’t she be? She has won the Gold at 400 mt race in World Junior Athletics, therefore, she deserves it. She deserves a heroic welcome and benefits given by the government and other bodies. I am very happy for her. Because no Indian has ever achieved that, whether men or women. At last a girl, women have done it. Remember the previous Olympic games? It is the women who have to keep Indian boat float. A grand salute to the Indian women from an Indian man.

Hima Das is a golden girl who glittered out of the fire. But why we have to wait so long to have athletes of world standards? Look at the nearest neighbor of India, i.e. China! Have you ever astound by their ability to win medals in Olympic games and other International games? The Chinese are shorter than Indian, and we are not inferior to them in terms of power and intellect. Then why we have to wait for ages to earn a single gold medal and the Chinese are winning them more than every country of the world other than the USA? It is because of the environment, Government and parents.


India has no conducive environment for sports. Rather than Cricket, which is a time-consuming sport, other sports are not considered a chance of making any type of career. And even we only give emphasis on study and other intellectual activities. There is no proper employment opportunity for the sports person and women. Therefore, lack of enthusiasm regarding sports and its related activities has made the environment unsuitable to play sports and athletics and see it as a lucrative career.


The government has done not enough to promote sports and athletics. The grass root level infrastructures, playgrounds are not satisfactory. There are not enough tournaments, games, competitions are being organized. And there is no special classes and courses which are effectively implemented. So, the lack of initiated of the government has played an important part in our poor performance in sports.


Indian parents are so much loving, caring that they want to keep their child embrace in their chest till their end of life. The child not allowed to play outside, choose sports as a career and they even don’t allow them to play the games which the child love. They are so protective that even a 50 years old man is treated as an adolescent in some instance. Even I asked to learn and play karate. But I was denied because they decided that it is too dangerous.


If these three entities the Environment, The Government and the parents do not work as a body and support sort wholeheartedly Indian dreams of winning bunch of Gold medals and playing in FIFA World Cup would remain a distant, impossible dream.


Boys and Girls listen to me, you think negative and get negative result and vice versa

Be positive live positive

My boss is a sheer negative man and he can’t think of positive things even for an hour. He is one of the most negative men I have met in my life. He lives in the fear that something bad will happen right now. He is not able to take any decision of his own and in time. He delays every decision and wait for the last moment to complete everything.


My Boss: “Today, I have saw fish bone in my dream, my day is going to be awful today.” He shredded his head.

Me: I said, no it can’t be so sir, be positive because a dream is a dream. It doesn’t have some special meaning. But he looked at me with disapproved eyes.


He is the man with a ring of luck in every finger of his both hand. Something queer is present in his defeatist look. Therefore I did not expect that he is going to listen to me or anyone. So, I tried to forget about his remark and carry on my duty.


My Boss: “Patar, you did not wrote this.” He said to me in a voice that this time he got me.

I looked at the document carefully and found that it is already done. So I corrected him. He only uttered a small huh.


The half of the day he would try to bring out fault in my work and everytime I corrected him as it was not my fault. At 12.30 pm his boss called him. He went to his boss after uttering f**k off several times as he already believed that everything is going to be horrible.

Me:   What is the matter sir?

Boss:  “The idiot said that his passbook is wrongly delivered to me. He is a pervert and crook. I have not even opened the cheque book yet which was delivered to me therefore thought that it was for me.” Now I am going to bring the cheque book from home and patar, look after the office carefully.


He drove the car and went to home which is situated on 20 minutes of driving time. But he didn’t came after an hour passed instead my phone rang.


Strangely enough my boss was on the line. “Patar, I have met an accident while driving to home. Though it is minor but now I am in the hospital  and I think it is because of the dream of fish bones. Didn’t I told you that it is very unlucky?”


But I remained positive at least try hard to. Especially after reading the life changing book “THE POWER of POSITIVE THINKING” by NORMAN VINCENT PEALE. I tried to stay calm in the every situation and to be positive, always. One of my colleague try to insult , jest me for several times. Especially I didn’t liked his tone as it was full of self proud and insulting. But I kept my calm and peace of mind. I gently talk to him, try to be good with him with lower voice and show lots of enthusiasm to his views. As I became more composed and confident because of the positive thinkings he left his arrogance. Slowly he begins to show respect to me in return of my respect.


I am neither a big preacher of positive thinking and nor a big success for being positive. But my small life circle and its surrounding seems to me very positive when I am positive myself. Try it yourself guys and feel it and then tell me, does it works?