Assam is in the verge of dividing into two parts: The Brahmaputra and The Barak Valley

Assam is going through a very difficult situation. As a border state with many foreign countries it is already have numerous problems. As NRC updation process is going on from past three years there arised a new dangerous problem of Citizenship Amemdment bill, 2016 on top of it. This is an unbearable condition for the people of Assam after suffering from so many things from the previous decades.

Now, as the NRC updation process is about to finish many organisations and parties are trying to hinder its progress. Because if the NRC process carry on at this pace and accuracy then lots of Muslim and Hindu foreigners are bound to come into book and declare them as foreigner and illegal citizen of India. They will be either thrown out if the country to their respective countries or will be cutted of all the rights and privilage as a citizen enjoys. They will be deprived of Govt jobs, will have no security of any work, they have to live as a stateless people. Therefore, the Government of India under the leadership of our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is trying to implement the Citizenship Amemdment bill 2016, in Assam. A key amendment in the bill seeks to grant citizenship to people without valid documents from six minority communities- Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan after six years of residence in India.

Because of the bill the Assam state has divided into two regions. The Brahmaputra valley and Barak valley. The Brahmaputra valley is vehemently opposing the bill but the Barak valley is eagerly supporting the bill. The Brahmaputra with 32 districts protesting against the bill because of the secularism prevails here and the tolerance of the people for all religious people. But the Barak valley with 3 district is opposing the bill as there is majority of Bengali Hindu and lots of illigal migrants from Bangladesh.

Assam has been always remained a dumping ground from the Independance. But the people are not ready to tolerate more. This is shown as still protest is going on widespread though the Joint Parliamentary Committee had went back. Then a question arise in the mind of the common people. Is Assam is going to be divided into two parts? The answer is no, the Assam goveenment and people will not allow so. And the Barak valley is not a big place in area, the idea only recently developed and the economic condition is very poor. The Bodos with strong culture and unity is not being able to attain a separate statehood then how can the Barak valley can? This is not going to happen very soon.

And further the Chief Minister of state Sarbananda Sonowal after long time of quiet said he has no reason to continue on his post if he could not protect the interest of the peopleof the state.

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