Are you ready to die today itself?

Are you ready? Ask yourself again and answer from the core of your heart. Will you regret if the inevitable happens today itself? Or are you prepared for anything? I also ask myself sometimes this question. The world is so fast and the day to day life is so absorbing that we often forget that one day everyone is going to die. And we never think that we will also be lost someday without knowing.

You may ask that what is the point of thinking about the death especially when you are too young. That is all right. No matter whether we are young or old we have to continue to move forward in our life. That’s right! But think for a second that anything can happen in this life. Are you living a life of worth living and with virtue? This is the ultimate question of me.

As you can see the people have forgotten to live a virtuous and truthful life. The con man is everywhere. Just today I have an experience of being cheated. I have ordered a gold-plated bangle with my wife for her. We have decided the price as Rs 5000 for the bangle in and had already paid a Rs 1000 in advance. But when I went to the shop owner they have charged me Rs 650 more than the agreed price which is Rs 5000. Therefore, I had to pay Rs 5670 to take delivery of the bangle.

It happens in every field of life in these days. People are so immoral and untruthful that it is very hard for us to live in such type of society. But there is an exception too. There are numerous NGO’s, good people who think for the society and mankind. they live a truthful life. And my simple point is that life is short and unpredictable. So, are you really prepared for anything, maybe today?


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