Are you a housewife? What do you do all day long?

It happens everytime I meet a friend, almost everytime. Recently I made some friends and got some new colleagues. At the break time, one of the colleagues asked,

“What does your wife do?”

“She is a housewife”. I said.

“This must be hard for you to run the house with one income, what does she do all day? Is she is educated?” He asked again.

“She has done graduation and completed teacher’s training. She takes care of the kids and to run the house smoothly and works tirelessly whole day. Yes, sometimes it may feel hard to do everything with one income but she manages the budget profoundly.” I replied.

At this, he kept quiet but didn’t stop till he brags about his salaried wife.


In another instant one, women friend of mine met me at a grocery store. She began the conversation while we were waiting in the queue. After finishing inquiring about me she asked,

“What does your wife do?”

I said, “She is a housewife and stay-home-mom”. At this a pompous and smug feeling waved through her face, I noticed. For some reason, she felt superior to my wife.

“I have two kids back home but I have never left my job to do just household activities, she must be killing her time and wasting her career.” She replied firmly.

We have talked for some time but our conversation didn’t end amicably.


I really don’t get it, why our society treat the housewives and stay-home-mom a waste of time and energy? Why do we look at them like a trash? I am sure that many men treat their women like that because they are not earning income. They failed to see the hard work their wive are doing. What will happen if all the women think like the society does and leave rear the child properly or even don’t give birth? The whole society, mankind will come into trouble. Look at the Japanese society today. Their adult men and women are so busy and uninterested in marriage and rearing children that their population is decreasing at an alarming rate. This is negatively affecting their community and country as a whole. The story is same for the European and North American countries.


Why have we forgotten that we used to give motherhood the status of the goddess? God has given it to women because they are naturally very patient and can bear the pain. So, when she is doing her duty at bringing up the child and looking after the household chores at the same time she must be praised and rewarded. She is doing a commendable job and far better than a job which gives a paycheck. They should be patronized, treated like war heroes and scientists for their work rendering to the society. Think for a second if they deny to give birth and bringing up the child then what will happen to the society.


I know that being a housewife is not a job that pays you a check but it pays the society instead providing with good quality citizens, keeping your house a haven of happiness. She makes the house a home with amicable and love all around.

In India, the housewives are neglected and looked as downward. They are given no respect but have to listen to their neighbors, relatives and even from their family members about their uselessness. What a tragic and ungrateful society we have! We failed to give proper respect to the base, pillar of the society, The MOTHERHOOD.


Listen to me dear Mothers and Housewives, one day soon the SOCIETY would have to recognize your hard work, devotion to it otherwise the society itself will vanish.

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