Anushka and Virat had done the right thing. Appreciate and encourage it rather than to criticize it.

Arhan Singh has sent legal notice against Virat Kohli, the cricketer and the diva, actress Anushka Sharma. Because they have posted a video of throwing garbage by Arhan Singh and Anushka reacting to it. Arhan Singh is the most crook, shameless person I have ever seen. His mind is so full of shit that he has not seen his mistake and instead of apologizing publicly he has sent the legal notice to the couple.



The video went viral when the couple posts it on social media. It is very sad and hopeless to know that many people are actually telling it a publicity stunt. Even a Congress leader Jadav has jumped into the conversation and said against the couple. Arman has alleged the couple that their behavior is more trash than his trash thrown on the street. I have seen the video and found nothing trash talks other than an outraged woman wanting to teach a grown up man where to throw the garbage.



Arman Singh represents a member of the society which is rich, powerful but forgot about the basic sanity. They are the people who throw their garbage in neighbors place, who pee on the roadside without caring passerby’s, which are only self-centered and don’t give a damn about the Country, it’s people or whatsoever. And what about the society as a whole? The society is on the verge of being rote. Littering garbage and throwing litters on the road itself has become so common that nobody bothers nowadays. We should thank Anushka and Kohli for spreading awareness. They deserve a great appreciation not a legal notice for this and instead the culprit Arhan Singh should be punished. My dear society with people you have to change yourself first to bring change to the Nation.



The political parties are the worst entrepreneur of the good-doers. They only know, want to open. They have sniffed something beneficial to the other party so no matter what will oppose vehemently. They do nothing good themselves and only criticize the opposition party. These parties are the true hinder, enemy in the development of a Nation. In the video, Anushka is so furious and scolding the person who was a well educated and traveling in an SUV. We have to bring that furiousness in our mind, body, and soul. Retain that and change the situation of our country from dirty to a clean one. Let the fire burn and clean every single piece of garbage from this beautiful Country.


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