A tough road lies ahead of Narendra Modi in 2019: An analysis

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out of a very modest background. As he mentions with proud many time that he had to sell tea to make his livelihood in his adulthood. This is a truly amazing story that is related by crores of people in India because most of them are not very much above of this condition. The citizens of India thought that they have found a leader who will work for the poor, destitute along with developing the nation in all other fields.

He has won the 2014 Like Sabha election by sweeping out the opposition. The people wanted a change from the family-based, prejudiced politics of the Congress. Therefore, the people of this country had elected a man who has a bad reputation of communal riots which was held during his tenure of Gujarat as a Chief Minister. People saw something clear and brighter than anybody in him. That he is patriotic, dynamic, not corrupted and a good leader.

Modi has succeeded in many fields from corruption to space. And till now there is no charge of corruption against him. As such he can be called a clean man. But despite these positive aspects, there are many factors which may play a vital role against him in 2019. He has done some serious mistakes which may become costlier. Some of them are…

1) Demonetization:

Demonetization was his biggest mistake as an election point of view. It may give benefit in the long run but for now, it has only gave the common people immense pain. People had to wait in long queues for their own money. And they are still getting its effect even in today. It was said and believed that it will bring back the black money those sit idle in foreign banks. But there seems no possibility of it till now.


2) Hindutva agenda:

Narendra Modi has failed to curb out the Hindutva agenda. It can’t be denied that the Hindutva agenda is in rise. Especially the RSS groups has made atrocities in some states. Muslim people are afraid to practice their religion and culture in some places of the country. But Modi has said and done nothing to curb out these anti social outfits. As a Hindu man I can relate to others who are threatened and extort in the name of religion. It is his biggest mistake to keep mum in these matters and it can have an adverse effect in the coming election.



3) Employment:

He has promised to make jobs and provide crore jobs per year to the Indians. But he has failed to generate enough jobs to even touch his target. The skill development schemes and the make in India initiative are still not very fruitful and yet to see a good progress. The youth are the strength of a nation and if they are not given enough opportunity than the country itself goes to dump. Therefore, the youth have the capability to influence the election process tremendously.


Even worse, the central Government under Narendra Modi has been trying to implement the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 which will provide citizenship to the foreigners from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  Therefore the bill has faced strong resentment from people. Especially the North-Eastern States like Assam and Meghalaya now. And soon it may spread to the whole nation and it may hinder their walk to win the coming Lok Sabha election 2019.


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