A Simple guide to not procrastinate

I procrastinate all the time. Really, this is the single most enemy of my life towards achieving my goals. Do you also procrastinate? Everybody has done it perhaps, at least for sometimes.

My one of favorite Author Paolo Coelho admitted that he has procrastinated for too many years. He had started to pursue his dream of becoming a writer at the age when a lot of people thinks about retirement.

Researchers have found that the people who procrastinate for a long time think that there would be more time to do the things in the future. But that time never comes. And their burden on self-increases day by day. One day it becomes impossible to surmount and the person goes to depression, anxiety, and stress.



I think that it is possible to erase out it from your life. I have tried this in my life and got succeed in it.

So, I keep these things in mind when I begin to procrastinate.


1)   Remember your goal:

Write down your goals every day in a journal. It will remind you why you have been working hard.                                  Focusing on your goals gives you instant energy and rejuvenates your mind.



2) Learn to leave the result to the Almighty:

Seriously, stop worrying about the end results from now. There is no need to panic and take stress for the results. This is not known to us, then why worry? Leave it to the almighty and focus on doing it your best.



3) Don’t try to be perfect:

The word-perfect is an illusion. There is no such a thing as perfect in this world. Hmmm, there may be one, the tail of a dog.                                                Therefore get done the work first and it will slowly take its desired shape.



4) Chop it:

If you concentrate on a whole work then it will be very difficult to keep your concentration for long. Make little parts of it. Try to finish one part at a time. You will enjoy doing it and can celebrate by winning it.



5)Keep it easy on you:

Try to analyze your strength and concentrate in that field. If you rumble yourself at the works of no interest to you then you shall never succeed.                                          Suppose I can’t run a marathon as my lungs do not permit me. What will happen if I try hard to do that?



6)Mental trigger:

Be determined in your mind that you have to do it anyhow. Develop a mental trigger of self-suggestion. Remind, suggest yourself again and again in your mind. Make it a habit to suggest yourself in the interval of an hour till it becomes your automatic behavior.




Do it in the morning, after just waking up and just before going to sleep.  At Morning Plan for the day. Write down the works to be accomplished today. At Night Write down the things you have accomplished and which you did not. Keep this account and try to complete your works every day. It will slowly develop a habit and become a part of you.



Here we come to the end of this topic. This is a dangerous enemy. If you do not try to eradicate it from your life then it will do much harm.

Procrastination will slowly kill your ability, than self-confidence, and lastly, it will leave you broken and shattered. Therefore act soon and beat it.
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