72nd Independence day and it’s celebration: Beyond physical and emotional show offs

I was on a short local trip to somewhere 50 km away. Shops are closed, public and government transportation is also closed. Everybody is in a jolly mood. I have my motorbike with me. Suddenly I noticed that people are holding National flags in their hands, tied it on their motorbikes, cars and some boys even in their bicycles. My mind and body erected with proud looking at that everyone is celebrating the Independence Day. During the trip from beginning to end, I witnessed many vehicles which were tied with the ‘Tiranga’. The biggest surprise was a bike rally with each of the bikes carrying the Indian National flag. It was a wonderful moment, I thought.

But it is a big showoff because not everybody that is holding a national flag is patriotic. To be patriotic to our great country India, you have to fight against corruption, say no to bribes and prejudice, abolish dowry, respect women and give them equal status. It is already written in our constitution as our fundamental duty. But many of us never apply it in our real life but read it, remember it but for the exams only. We give bandhs, do hartals, and destroy public property instead of protecting it. We want shortcuts, we are superstitious, we are prejudiced. How can we be called patriotic? Rather we are the cunning blue jackel.

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