7 Signs that you have a writing genius inside you

Hi friends, if you are thinking about yourself and have doubt about whether you are a writing genius or not then go through these points carefully. I relate to these points from my heart and I know that I have a writing genius inside me.


  1. You can’t have enough books

  2. Love to write

  3. Love to read a lot

  4. Constantly thinking about writing

  5. Arranging sentences in mind

  6. Feels relief after writing

  7. Words stuck in your mind and easily do not come out


1) You can not have enough books:

Hey friends, you like books so much that you want to store them everywhere from your bedroom to a guest room. You buy lots of books though you can not go through all of them. Then you have a writing genius inside you.



2) Love to write:

Do you love to write? I also do. Sooner or later you are going to be a writer that astonish the world.



3) Love to read a lot:

Do you lose your time sense while reading books? Do you like to read so much that always continue reading every type of books available? Then definitely you are a writing genius.



4) Constantly thinking about writing:

Probably you think about writing even in the washroom like me. Amidst of lots of people, eating, playing or even drinking you think about putting a sentence or two on your laptop or smartphone. Then you are the next writing genius the world has been waiting for.



5) Arranging sentences in mind:

Sometimes you arrange sentences in your mind about an incident or event. There is a time when you think and arrange the words before speaking to somebody or an imagination of conversation.




6) Feeling relief after writing:

Writing has a therapeutic use for the writing genius. You get relief from Stress and anxiety after writing. Otherwise, you have a constant guilty feeling that you have not been Writing.



7) Words stuck in your mind and easily do not come out:

Have you tons of words striking your mind before talking? And fail to converse fluently because of that. Hey, no doubt that you are a genius writer.



So, if you relate the above any one or more points then you are the next writing genius. So, why are you waiting? Go and write your heart out.

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