6 Years of marriage life (What a wonderful life!)

Hi friends, me and my belovet wife have crossed 6 beautiful years together. What a wonderful ride this six year have been for us. I wish to God to continue our fantastic relationship till the end of our lives. This is a great thing that after many ups and down in life we are together and vow to be forever.

Otherwise, the divorce rate is increasing, household violence is everywhere and extra marital relationship is widespread. There is no trust within the family. A choas in the society is going on. But we have managed to overcome every negativity in our life. We have done it by understanding the following things:


1) Understanding and Compromising:

You may say that compromising is not my way. By compromising they mean to lose their own ego, superiority. But compromising is in the sense that we have to try to understand their situation, view and their perspective. By understanding them we can compromise our unwanted, worthless ego. And everything reciprocates itself. So your spouse will also do the same in return.


2) Give time:

We can buy many things with money but time. Time is limited and very precious for us. Therefore we often forget to or ignore to spend quality time with our family. Because of this there forms a bridge or gap in between the family and loved ones.


3) Travel:

“Who does not travel sees only a page of life”, a great man said. Travel doesn’t only provides knowledge, but it also keeps the loved ones closer. It teach us to look at life through different angles. Hence it teaches us to see others perspectives and observations. By travelling together you will be able to know each other deeply and understand your qualities and flaws.


4) Remain faithful:

No matter what always remain faithful. Without faith in yourself and within each other there will be no peace. And where there is no peace, only demons live there. Though this is written in number 4 but it is the no. 1 rule, theory of surviving, thriving in a relationship. Be loyal and faithful towards your partner no matter what.


By practising these points or theories I have been able to live happily in my married life though many huge obstacles were in our way. I pray everyday and keep trust in God. With his blessings everything is possible in life. So, stay healthy and happy and blessed. I pray for you for your overall wellbeing.


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