Month: September 2018

The Krishna Janmashtami and the teachings of Lord Krishna in the Gita

Lord Krishna took birth in Dwarka in a jail, where his mother and father were kept imprisoned by his ill-fated maternal uncle ‘Kangsha’. He lived and brought up in ‘Gakul’. He played, done mischiefs and many wonders in Gokul. After that, he lived in Dwarka after he had killed his evil uncle.


In the battle of the ‘Mahabharata’, he was in the side of the ‘Pandavas’ without actually fighting for them but only drive the chariot of his friend ‘Arjuna’. The ‘Bhagavad Gita’ was then born when Lord Krishna reminded Arjuna’s duty as a Kshatriya. The Lord taught many lessons to his friend and worshipper Arjuna when he refuses to fight against his relatives on the other side of the battlefield.


We celebrate Janmashtami for two days on the 2nd and 3rd day of September. We celebrate in our houses and in the Krishna Mandirs. The grand celebrations are carried out in the Mandirs. In Mandirs teachings, the wonders of the Lord is shunted throughout the day and night. They also made the ‘Bhoga’ which is a very sacred food. The ‘Bhoga’ is made of rice, dal, and vegetables which is called ‘khichdi’. It can also be made of milk, rice and sugar, raisins and other ingredients is called the ‘payakh’. There held the competition of song about Lord Krishna and there are many prizes awarded for the winning teams.


We don’t think or can’t think about the future, even for our religion. Rather than organizing the competition and other activities, the Mandirs have to try to spread the teachings of Lord Krishna. With the money, they raise for the purpose of Janmashtami should be used to distribute ‘The Gita’ for free and to organize a charity for the needy and the poor.  And this should not happen in the Janmashtami only, the committee of each mandir and Hindu worshipping places should be monitored and the charity and distribution of the religious books should be done every day without any delay.