Month: June 2018

Building a house: It takes great tolls on your life, especially for the middle class.

For me, as a middle-class man, it is a scariest of things to build a house of own. It wears you out even before the actual work of building a house. Because it is supercritical and hard to get funding for the middle-class people like me. Luckily enough, I have a government service with a very minimal salary. The Assam Government has announced the scheme known as ‘Apon Ghar’ or ‘Own House’ with 5% approx interest rates. Hearing the scheme brought juice to my mouth. Finally, I would have a house of my own, I thought. Because it will take only a very small amount of document compared to the large heap of documents for other general housing loans, it claimed.


But Hola! When I have embraced my waist and get set to acquire the documents then only I came to know that it also requires a mountain of documents from land to salary slip, Engineers masterplan to many signatures of DDO. It is an endless battle for me in order to get that loan to build my own house. After many hassles, I was able to gather the documents but in vain. I came to know that the salary account should be transferred from the United Bank of India to the State Bank of India because the loan was provided by SBI. I have personally consulted the Branch Manager of UBI bank. He always assured of coming to the facility to their branch just next month which never came. I was able to claim for the ‘Apon Ghar’ loan only after the SBI has made a change to their process of enrollment for the other bank’s salary account holders. Finally, after many months of wait and rigorous hard work I was able to get the Housing Loan provided by the state government of Assam.


Now the construction is going on and I am very positive that it will complete after a couple of months. But the beginning was very hard. Whenever I asked people about building a house they only tell, show the negative expects of the process. One of my colleagues answered that it is very hard to construct a house and takes so much money. He was building a house of two slabs and completed the ground floor. He told me that 25 lakhs was gone and still counting. Whereas, the loan amount will be only fifteen lakhs which I will get.


Whenever I asked people they doubled or even tripled their expenses. One of my girl friend’s father had built a house with the ground floor completed and an additional slab with it had cost them 35 lakhs, as she told me. I was more than shocked by it. I estimated that my house with one slab and the ground floor will cost me maximum 16 lakhs. Actually, it depends upon you how much you want to spend. As I have told you that I am a middle-class man, therefore, my house will be built on budget suited for me. That’s it. If you want to construct your own house for whatever reason just wait till the right moment and take benefits of schemes provided by the Central or State Government.

Anushka and Virat had done the right thing. Appreciate and encourage it rather than to criticize it.

Arhan Singh has sent legal notice against Virat Kohli, the cricketer and the diva, actress Anushka Sharma. Because they have posted a video of throwing garbage by Arhan Singh and Anushka reacting to it. Arhan Singh is the most crook, shameless person I have ever seen. His mind is so full of shit that he has not seen his mistake and instead of apologizing publicly he has sent the legal notice to the couple.



The video went viral when the couple posts it on social media. It is very sad and hopeless to know that many people are actually telling it a publicity stunt. Even a Congress leader Jadav has jumped into the conversation and said against the couple. Arman has alleged the couple that their behavior is more trash than his trash thrown on the street. I have seen the video and found nothing trash talks other than an outraged woman wanting to teach a grown up man where to throw the garbage.



Arman Singh represents a member of the society which is rich, powerful but forgot about the basic sanity. They are the people who throw their garbage in neighbors place, who pee on the roadside without caring passerby’s, which are only self-centered and don’t give a damn about the Country, it’s people or whatsoever. And what about the society as a whole? The society is on the verge of being rote. Littering garbage and throwing litters on the road itself has become so common that nobody bothers nowadays. We should thank Anushka and Kohli for spreading awareness. They deserve a great appreciation not a legal notice for this and instead the culprit Arhan Singh should be punished. My dear society with people you have to change yourself first to bring change to the Nation.



The political parties are the worst entrepreneur of the good-doers. They only know, want to open. They have sniffed something beneficial to the other party so no matter what will oppose vehemently. They do nothing good themselves and only criticize the opposition party. These parties are the true hinder, enemy in the development of a Nation. In the video, Anushka is so furious and scolding the person who was a well educated and traveling in an SUV. We have to bring that furiousness in our mind, body, and soul. Retain that and change the situation of our country from dirty to a clean one. Let the fire burn and clean every single piece of garbage from this beautiful Country.


NRC Assam and beyond: What will happen after the illegal immigrants are identified?

Assam is going to declare or complete the consolidated draft for the list/NRC on 30th June 2018. And the process is set to go on till the final list/NRC is updated which probably will take a couple of months more. But the basic question arises in the mind of most of the Assamese people and even other communities in the whole of India that what will happen those illegal immigrants?


It is a pretty difficult question to answer. Because illegal immigrants are a problem that is facing by a whole lot of countries of the world. Even the most powerful country in the world i.e. the USA is also facing the same type of problem. Donald Trump is expected to take stern action to deport them. The UK government want to detain the illegal immigrants from India as soon as possible. Even the descendants will be sent off to India. The world is not tolerating even the educated, cultured and rich Indians and wants to send them back as soon as possible.

But what we are doing in India, Assam? We are tolerating the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh from decades and they are doing every type of crimes from rapes to murders. What we nice people are doing instead?

With lots of hardship and sacrifices, the NRC is updating with an aim to detain by identifying the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and other countries.  Therefore, it is very important to assure that the illegal immigrants which will be identified should be properly dealt with. Therefore, I want to suggest some alternatives if the Bangladesh government do not want to take their citizens. It is a matter of shame to Narendra Modi, the respected Prime Minister’s of India that the Government has not been able to convince, pressurize the Hasina Government to take their citizens back from India which is illegally residing here.

Point 1)

Every possible option should be taken against Bangladesh to pressurize them to take back their citizens. Even weapons like the Economic blockade, political support should be withheld from Bangladesh. Though Bangladesh reiterates that they are far better position in economic position from India, it is far from being truth. They will face a disastrous situation if India withholds economic and political support from them.


Point 2)

Giving working permit to the illegal immigrants. Irrespective of their caste and religion the illegal immigrants should be not given citizenship status but working permit to work anywhere in India. It will good solution for the migrants which will have no other rights other than to work and stay in India. And they will be given whole India to work for hence Assam will have less pressure on them to bore the burden of illegal immigrants.


Point 3)

If India finds no other solution then it can find the solution with the taste of bitterness by dividing the identified persons equally to each and every state of India in proportionate to the area of the state. Because if they are divided according to the area of the states then no state will face of injustice. And of course, Assam will be happier and satisfied with this solution as they will have to bear only a small amount of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.


These three points will not be easier for the Indian Government to achieve and implement. But I believe that India can do this and overcome any type of difficulties under the leadership of our honorable Prime Minister. This is time for us to become watchdog and remain super active in every development going on in the updating process of NRC, ASSAM.